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ACCESSORIES ANTONIO PLATE FROM 20 EUR TO 40 EUR! Call now at one of our specialized deck hands twenty-four hours a day

The obtrusive company APTONES ANTONIOU undertakes blockade of sewage servicing all of Athens.

With many years of experience in the field and always under our supervision, this individual performs all the obstructions directly and responsibly.

The experienced, skilled personnel of the obstruction company Antoniou Blinds have won the trust of shoppers for more than 30 years. With state-of-the-art sewage cleaning equipment, the company assurances immediate results at extremely friendly prices. At the same time, he holds out maintenance and cleaning of pipes of excess fat, soil and roots with hydration.

Our specialized team undertakes pipe cleaning, stopping and watertight washing, protecting all of Athens. All of us have modern pressure machines with half and one particular inch tires, as well as tankers for any pumping cleaning of solid waste shafts and pumping of areas from floods. We all also have special cams, we carry out building pipe inspections for any damage, breakage or seapage.

All of the above features have made our company one of the main names during a call. Proof of this is our wide-ranging clientele, which includes both large private companies and public organizations.

Learn more about our services and contact us round the clock. We offer the lowest prices on the market!

Blocking Services Menu

With reference to our many years of experience in obstruction, Plaka Hindrances provides high quality and reliable services to a large network of customers who have trusted us for the last 30 years:

Block Sewer Blocks

Carry out you have difficulties with depleting your sink? Has got the pipe network of your home or business space recently been blocked?

With 30 years of know-how we come to your place and we undertake drainage prevents, pipe cleaning, blocking and waterproofing at competitive prices, serving all Athens.

Menu Camera Tube Control

With state-of-the-art professional equipment in the field of blockage we deal with almost any obstruction problem of small or large extent, offering a definitive solution. Simply by making use of special cameras, we discover that the water supply is blocked by knowing the exact point of involvement.

Monthly Sewerage Maintenance

Carry out you have any mistrust of odors from the sewer system? Our company undertakes cleaning of your building’s sewerage system on a monthly basis, offering at the same time an twelve-monthly cleaning of your sewage.

Keeping the wells and the draining system on a regular basis, you will have a major problem with your sewerage system.

Sewerage Prevents Plaka Contact Us

Phone us daily 24 several hours a day and one representative will serve you directly. check here: ΑΠΟΦΡΑΚΤΙΚΗ ΠΛΑΚΑ

Obstruction Service Areas

Being a pioneer company in the Greek area of sewerage, pipeline cleaning and watertight waterproofing, the business Blocks Athens performs not only obstructions in Plaka but also in Athens and Attica with prices beginning at 20 pounds.

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