Now that we know you can buy Meredith Grey’s iconic scrubs on Amazon, dressing up as TV’s favorite (fired) doctor is a no-brainer. Do they have a particular favorite sci-fi flick they can’t stop watching? What makes sci-fi costumes a good idea? Don’t discount a picture because it looks babyish at first glance… with time, patience, and a good set of pencils or crayons you may be surprised what you can create. Also, a green fairy looks earthy like mother nature. The kids might all be about Captain America and Iron Man these days, but nothing beats a classic like the nunchuck-wielding, adult vampire costume pizza-munching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Lindsay Lohan. (Okay, maybe Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills) As identical twins Annie and Hallie from the updated version of the classic film The Parent Trap, you’ll turn heads from America to England.

This Adult Princess Leia Costume will turn you into Star Wars royalty this Halloween. This outstanding Star Wars costume contains a stylish tapered dress, belt, and classic Leia wig. Dress in the same costume — suit, tie, sunglasses, you name it — and make everyone at your Halloween party take a second look. This clever DIY takes a few closet staples — a printed T-shirt, baseball cap and jeans — and pairs them with a wig (and paint-on facial hair) to create the exotic animal breeder himself. Luckily, this costume combines several closet staples — black leggings, leather jackets, and patent shoes — so you’ll have no trouble pulling it together.

Since the halls of Riverdale High are typically buzzing about Betty and Cheryl’s fashion, steal their style by wearing character-appropriate wigs (blonde for Betty, red for Cheryl) and jackets (old-school varsity for Betty, adult chewbacca costume red leather for Cheryl). Our costumes are not only cool and scary they’re of high quality and very affordable too. Netflix’s favorite gun-toting, cigarette-smoking, waffle-loving chief of police has (un)officially made Hawaiian shirts cool again. Want to dress up as your favorite superhero but tired of the same red-and-blue look? Or maybe you just want to play Thumper from ‘Bambi’ and annoy the neighbours with the racket.

This event is additionally a choice for “electrical power dressing”, adult sully costume where you would possibly want to produce an impression even though assembly folks for business enterprise applications or organization affiliations. And who wouldn’t want to sit and sip broth with a friend in this darling get-up? Tina Belcher is always finding unusual ways to express her love to Jimmy Pesto Jr., but that doesn’t mean you and your best friend (or partner) should follow her ways on Halloween. Grab your best friend, a bottle (or two) of your favorite wine, and you’ve got a Halloween costume and party all in one.