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Thing one and thing two tehcatintehhat. Thing one and thing two wreck the house. More and more adults are realizing the benefits of being able to find that one of kind costume 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If my calculations are correct, it would take a human pyramid of G-mas to lift Adam Driver and carry him anywhere. But when it took a human host Jean Grey, it was doomed to fail, because Jean’s mortal form couldn’t handle the raw power of the Phoenix Force. When the Phoenix force saved Jean’s life and imbued her with incredible power, it set in motion a chain events that were inevitable. The only option was for the X-men to battle the Shi’ar royal guard for the chance to save Jean’s life. Unfortunately for the X-men the Royal Guard proved too formidable and most of the team was soundly defeated leaving only Scott and Jean left, then the Phoenix force returned and looked set to win.

The Shi’ar were ready for such an outcome and had prepared a doomsday plan by destroying the solar system(including earth) in the hopes of destroying the Phoenix. But Masterminds plan backfired rather than cement his control over Jean, he inadvertently revealed to the Phoenix Force that he had tricked and trapped it. The Shi’ar, while grateful were unwilling to risk the return of the Phoenix Force who had already killed 5 billion sentient beings. The X-men argued that the Phoenix Force was gone and that Jean herself was a force for good, and had actually saved the universe itself. It freed the X-men and punished Mastermind by overwhelming his mortal mind with infinite knowledge of the cosmos which left him in a vegetative state.

Using an his powers of illusion and a mechanical psionic device Mastermind was able to convince Jean that he was in fact his lover and that it was the 18th century. But Mastermind was aware of the link and was waiting for Scott, and with Jean looking on, challenged him to a good old 18th century duel with swords. The costume itself looks good enough to wear to any party, unicorn costume adult but will also be instantly recognizable as a Lady Gaga costume if you also get the hair right. You also can get Ron’s scruffy wand or Hermione’s sophisticated wand. The ultimate list of Halloween costumes that you can buy online.

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